Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My life living with a law student

Today I woke up to Howie peeking out the bedroom window, holding his coffee in his left hand while pulling the curtain back just enough to peer out with his right. I half opened my eyes and repositioned myself under the covers. He looked over at me and said "Hey, buddy," a usual wake-up greeting. He then proclaimed, "I'm waiting for UPS, when do they come?" Of course, being a very terrible morning person this question annoyed me. I rolled my eyes, and told him I don't know. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I finished brushing my teeth he was leaving the apartment. I got back to the bed and answered the ringing phone, "Yes, dear?" "I'm waiting for the UPS man. I see him up the street, but the truck is facing the wrong direction!" I started to chuckle. This is my boy, crazy as ever.

After waiting outside in the rainy day for 10 minutes he comes back in empty handed. Again he starts peeking out the window "I'm huntin' wabbits," he states. Then his body language changes. He starts smiling the biggest smile I've seen in months, "He's Coming! I See Him! He's Coming!" Like a child on Christmas, he peeks into the living room, waits for the doorbell, and starts giggling, "It's here!" He runs to the door and then runs back into the room ripping apart a package. Triumphantly he raises his new prize, Examples & Explanations: Administrative Law.

The lab - neat by usual comparison. 
Welcome to finals season! All the rumors you hear about law school are true. Those videos on youtube, true. Law students are a unique bunch. I would venture to call them insane, but too many of them are my friends and I wouldn't want to insult anyone at this sensitive time ;)

About a month or so ago the real buckle down started for my boy. While he's been in his "Lab" all semester with papers and daily readings. Things have only gotten real weird in the past 2 weeks. The first two weeks of the buckle down don't really phase me; my brain doesn't start registering that the change is semi-permanent until the third week when I start to notice that I'm doing all of the chores and the house is still getting messier. Living with a law student at this time sends you back to the days of simply co-existing with a roommate you just totally are not on the same page with. If I make a meal for the two of us, he inhales it in 5 minutes and that is our "together" time. Other than that, he studies with his noise-concealing headphones, emerges once in a while to say something random or have a 3 second temper-tantrum about hating studying, and that is that.  Recently he got weird enough to tell me I can no longer sit on the couch in the same room with him, even though I'm very quiet and don't interrupt him. He says its too much of a wanted distraction to have me there, I must leave. What can I do? I guess I'll just count down the next two weeks with him until finals are over...


  1. Howie doesn't yet believe me (or is in denial), but next year will be worse. Between OCI, journal work and more difficult classes (1L classes are only scary because you don't know what you're doing...) it gets worse. much worse.

    have fun!

  2. Really!??! Don't tell us that, we've been banking on this being the hard year! Why does everyone say 1L is worst if its not?

    1. Because 1L's are babies? It's really that you are thrown in to more reading than you have ever had to do in your life and its super competitive, plus its just a whole new lingo to master. but once you start the upper level classes, you realize you didn't really learn THAT much and a lot of the 1L classes really aren't that complicated compared to some of the ones you will need (or want) to take for to bar and to be halfway competent as an attorney.

      People don't actually say 1L is the worst. The adage goes:
      1L they scare you to death
      2L they work you to death
      3L they bore you to death

    2. I should also say, 1L's don't believe that saying until they become a 2L...