Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Street Fair

Every June my town has a street fair. Street fairs are one of my favorite things to visit, mostly because they only come around every now and then and you can always find something cool to add to your life, whether its home decor, jewelry, clothing, etc.

The one in our town is said to draw thousands out of the woodwork to hang out in the sun for the day. The main street is lined with over a hundred vendors selling arts, crafts, clothes, jewelry, trinkets and treasures. Oh, and food... street food. This year's fair was at the end of June and Howie and I were up and ready to roll at the start - we had been looking forward to it the whole month.

This fair always has a car show (the only thing worthy of picture taking... sorry this is all I have for your viewing enjoyment). The cars are varied, old, new, and unique. In addition to the ones pictured, there was an old fashion L.A.P.D. vehicle, a brand new flashy pick-up truck, and a pale yellow convertible that could have come out of the movie Grease complete with props mimicking a picnic at the drive-in.
From way back in the day
I imagine this to be a mobster car.
We took our time meandering from vendor to vendor. Of course, Howie had his eye out for the gyro truck, which happened to be all the way at the other end of the line from where we started. However, we did run into several other food stands that we considered choosing from. There were beverage vendors selling bubble tea, lemonade, and even Dunkin Donuts came through with frozen treats off their menu. The local pizzeria was selling zeppoli's, sausage and peppers, and Italian ice. Rita's made an appearance. Restaurants along the main strip were outside their front doors with buffet meals, including the Thai place, an American market, and a Caribbean-Southern American fusion barbecue joint. We'd actually never heard of this barbecue place, so we decided to give it a try. They had a huge smoker out in the street and a passerby noted to us she saw it out in the parking lot smoking last night while walking her dog. This was enough to convince Howard the this barbecue might be "legit." He had brisket, I had chicken, we both got mac & cheese - it was pretty good and absolutely satisfying comfort food.

After purchasing a few trinkets for ourselves, our day was complete. We retired home to nap for 2 hours with our full bellies. Not bad for a lazy Sunday.

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