Thursday, July 19, 2012

Honey Boo Boo Child

For those of you who may be avid Toddlers & Tiaras fans on TLC, you may already know this. I, however, was just made aware that the Honey Boo Boo child is coming back... with her own television show. Revel in this piece of American reality tv greatness:

I literally have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard at this kid. She is completely out of her mind. Granted, many of the children on this show are a bit... odd... but this one takes the cake with her outrageous comments. The honey boo boo child, also known as Alana, showed up on Toddlers & Tiaras a while ago and became one of the girls to make it to national stardom via youtube and talk shows. While this little one was the spark for her upcoming series because of her antics on her episode, the show is going to star her family as well. What do we know so far about her family? Her mother is a "Coupon Queen" and belongs on the show Extreme Couponing, her dad is referred to as "Sugar Bear", and before pageants Alana drinks her special juice, Red Bull + Mountain Dew. This is surely going to be a riot and fabulous trash tv.

PS. I won't judge you for watching this video more than once... or whenever you need a laugh.... 


  1. oh my god! this girl definitely has the personality for pageants and reality tv, but she's gonna die of a heart attack from her mountain dew and red bull at the age of 10

  2. I watched this video you posted one day and was hysterical laughing. Last night when I was flipping through the TV channels she was on with your own show. Why would people watch that show?!

    1. Haha - She is CRAZY!! I don't know why, but this stuff can certainly be addicting because it is so insane... I have yet to watch her show, I'm sure I'll catch it on re-runs