Thursday, July 26, 2012

From Boston to Houston - Part 5, the finale

July 21, 2012 (Day 5-6, Busch Stadium, St. Louis, Missouri)

It’s Saturday evening and J. Rho and I have reached our destination – Houston, Texas.  But before I tell you about Saturday’s drive, let me fill you in on Friday’s adventures. 

J. Rho and I woke up around 7am on Friday morning, refreshed from the eight hours of comfortable sleep we had received.  After an amazing breakfast (eggs, bacon, biscuit, homefries, and fruit) we were off for our fifth and final baseball game in St. Louis.  We arrived in St. Louis around noon and met our high school friend, Marlow, who currently lives in St. Louis.  Marlow showed us around his neighborhood including a delicious pizza place named “Pi,” that served one of the most amazing deep dish pizzas I had ever eaten. 

After the three of us had lunch it was time for …….. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES!!!!  I will spare you my critique and detailed opinions of the movie because I assume: 1. You don’t want to hear them and 2. You don’t want me to spoil the movie.  However, all in all, the movie was amazing.  Although, there were a few things that differentiated from the comic that didn’t please me, the finale to the batman series was a success.  Additionally, Christopher Nolan pulled another rabbit out of his hat casting Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.  She wasn’t obviously as good as Nolan’s first surprise casting, Heath Ledger, but she still played a credible Selina Kyle. 

The movie ended at 6pm and, therefore, it was time to make our way to Busch Stadium (Cardinals home).
Stadium:  This pains me to say…. actually, since I am in Astros fan, so it really doesn’t - Busch Stadium is a stadium and to be completely honest, I was expecting much more.  For starters, I hate baseball stadiums where you have to go through a tunnel to get into your seats.  In my opinion, there should never be a divider between walking around and picking up food and the actual baseball game.  Second, although the stadium is clean and nice, it’s a bit unimaginative and just seemed like a carbon copy of other baseball venues.  Third and last, Cardinals fans suck.  The End.

Food:  Another huge disappointment.  The only good thing at this place was the nachos, which were actually pretty good.  Besides that, Busch Stadium had nothing to offer more than mediocre hot dogs and Hardees.
The Cardinals played the Cubs, which was great to see because they are big rivals.  The Cardinals ended up winning 4-1 with most of the runs being scored in the first couple of innings. 

J. Rho and I had a 14 hour drive from St. Louis to Houston on Saturday where our parents threw a small party for J. Rho’s return to Houston.  This means we had to be on the road by 5am to hopefully arrive in time for the scheduled party time of 7pm.  This could have proved quite impossible, especially because our friend Marlow took us out to see the St. Louis night life.  Did we get up in time?

NO! We didn’t.  Marlow took us out and we ended up socializing until 3am.  J. Rho and I did, however, mange to get up at 6am and hit the road around 6:30am to arrive in Houston by 8:30pm. The end.

If you have been following my posts, I truly appreciate it.  If you haven’t……I have nothing to say to you.  

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