Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Something to write about...

I've been contemplating writing this blog for a number of months now. I have a million ideas about a million things and most writers agree, writing it all down is cathartic. Since this is my first ever blog, let me narrate a bit about myself.

I didn't always know I had potential to be a writer. My parents always pushed the "she's a math/science student" antic. Which I am ... I find the nerdy side of me growing as I realize just how much I used to enjoy math as I get farther away from it (I was last required to take math in high school). And if you ask my fiance, he will jump at the opportunity to commiserate with someone about how nerdy I am biology and medicine (speaking to my soon-to-be profession, physician assistant). Though he enjoys me and my friends' company, you can catch the gigantically conspicuous eye-roll when we start talking about the cool patients we've seen since the last time we got together. However, I also have an artsy side. I enjoy giving myself art projects, albeit I'm easily distracted from them (it took me 2 years to complete a piece to commemorate my fiance's love for baseball), and since no longer participating in a program that requires English and history classes, I've missed creative writing.

My theory on this interest in competing disciplines and completely full-of-scattered-ideas brain: my ever troubling issues I have with differentiating my right from my left. I never categorized it as an "issue" until I started graduate school in a science. Sure, family and friends would be confused when they thought I was a traditional lefty but then would switch my glass and fork from one side of the plate to the other, or use my right hand to write on the chalk/white board in class. I would just shrug my shoulders. Growing up, I'd compare with other lefties what they did with their left vs. their right hand. My list: I write with my left, I iron with both, I bat with both, I can ONLY throw or bowl righty, but I eat chopsticks with both and use either hand to pick up a glass/fork/knife... So what does that mean? My brains compete. My left brain likes math and science, my right brain likes art and feeling. I am my parents child. My dad, right-handed, is constantly in logic mode (math/science) and my mother, strict left-handed, is one big right brain (read: emotional).

Who cares? Well, lets save that for another post. Point is - my brains are both always running, which means, I'm bursting with thoughts and ideas about a variety of things. Hopefully this means you will have varied and interesting things to read about and comment upon.

So... with that said, my secret is out - I'm a nerd. It is this nerdiness that gives me something to write about. But I'm not just interested in writing for a passive audience. I'm pretty sure the whole point of a blog is to share with an audience who will get involved (otherwise I'd just go to Target and buy a journal - and I actually really hate journals). If you read this blog and you have an idea, a comment, a concern, a topic you'd like me to comment on, please share.

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