Monday, April 16, 2012

The best brunch I nearly never had...

While at 'Nova, I was intent on hitting up all of my favorite food joints on our quick 36 hour trip this weekend. These included primarily Campus Corner and Wingers. I mean seriously, I could never go to Villanova and not re-live the "double chicken parm on garlic bread". CamCo still had my phone number registered to my name when I called. Too bad I didn't have my wildcard...

Our food journey also included the staple Gullifty's - I had a delicious cajun burger with some kind of tangy ranch dressing and a Hoegaarden. Boy had a steak sandwich topped with guyere cheese and onions completed by a dunkelweizen. We love our wheat beers. Saturday night we also indulged in some boneless wings and the famed chicken ceasar wrap from Wingers. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. However, and surprisingly, none of these were the highlight of the weekend's food adventures.

Meet Nudy's Cafe

Howard has been talking about this place called Nudy's since we graduated. I can't recall why or when its come up, but on occasion he gets that look in his eye and tone in his voice and starts a rant about the wonder that is Nudy's. I had never heard of this place in all the years I went to Villanova, so naturally I was a skeptic. The only breakfast place I knew and supported was Minella's. Well, forget about Minella's. After eating at this place, I don't think there is a better breakfast place ANYWHERE. Yes, a bold statement, but I am feeling quite passionate about this place right now. Before I jump in, let me tell you a bit about myelf: I'm not a breakfast person. I don't eat eggs, I don't like breakfast meats, I get sugar crashes from the syrup on pancakes and french toast, waffles are burdensome to tackle. Its just not my favorite meal, and that is a-okay with me. When Howie says, "lets go out for brunch," I'll go, but I go begrudgingly. In my mind, why not just wait for lunch?

Fast forward, here we are at Villanova for our pre-cana weekend and its Sunday morning. Part of me is rooting for bagel factory since I know what to expect and am feeling groggy. I know how pointless this thought is, Howard's mind is made up - to Nudy's we go. He keeps talking about this french toast and I'm sitting there wondering who names their breakfast joint "Nudy's." We pull up on the gorgeous morning that was this past Sunday. I was immediately comforted by the smell of the grass and flower perfumes mixed with the smell in the air just after it rains while everything is still moist. The sun was starting to melt the haze and the people was loitering in the gravel parking lot waiting. The place was hopping. The outdoor patio in front was filled, the innside, tiny dining room was a hustle and a bustle with people, and the noise emanating from the back patio was enough to tell us the place was packed. I was okay with it... the hostess said only a 10 minute wait, and it was exactly that. We sat, got our coffees and started perusing the menu. It looked great, complete with anything you could ever want for breakfast or lunch. I asked Howie how lunches were since I was eyeing a few of the sandwiches. He looked at me straight faced and said - "I only get breakfast here." He said it as if I was a fool to get anything otherwise so I flipped back to the breakfast selections. I was not in the mood for an all-carb, sink to the bottom of your belly kind of breakfast. I noticed they had crepes. I'd only ever had a crepe in Africa, and it was pretty good. The menu said it was filled with sweet ricotta and topped with fruit and whipped cream. I'll take it.

There are no words to describe how wonderfully scrumptious this breakfast was. 
This is Heaven. 

It was phenomenal. The best breakfast I ever ate. It was the definition of perfection. Period. End of Story. 

But it's not the end of the story, because Howie also ate breakfast. He ordered the Cinnabon French Toast. What is that all about? It is literally the most enormous cinnabon you've seen dipped in french toast batter, griddled up and served to you with love and tenderness. Oh, and they give you TWO enormous cinnabons. I could only have a bite of his because I was far too infatuated with my own breakfast, but let me tell you - this was awesome. 

Buttery and sweet, it was french toast on a whole different playing field. It couldn't even compete with french toast, really. 

Moral of the story: If you have never been to Nudy's and you live on or near the main line YOU MUST GO. I cannot believe I missed out on this joint for so long. It is worth it. You will not regret it.

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