Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Intro to an Engagement

If you've read my last couple of posts you know I just completed my pre-cana, which therefore spills the beans that I'm engaged. With that said, you can safely expect to read about the woes of my wedding planning here over the next many months. Here is my launching pad for this theme.

August 20-23, several years ago - The meeting

It was orientation at Villanova. I can't recall which day exactly it was, but at some point during these first couple of days we had our very first floor meeting. In the common room of St. Monica's 4th floor we gathered. My roommates and I sat in a corner next to the table and waited. The room filled and finally Regina, the RA, got us to focus. We were to introduce ourselves, state where we were from, and give a fun-fact. To this day when meeting new people in a group I still try giving fun facts... it became that ingrained in me during my time at Villanova. Regina threw a ball to someone to get things started. Things barely began rolling before two boys walked in late. There were no seats left so they sat on the table next to me. I was quiet and listening attentively as the ball was passed. However, the one kid kept trying to make comments in my ear. Excuse me buddy, why are you talking to me? Instead of saying this, I gave a nervous smile and diverted eye-contact. He continued to try talking to me until finally the ball was in my hand.  
"Hi, I'm Jessica, I'm from Connecticut, and I'm a Giants Football fan." By the end of that sentence my face was bright red and I couldn't get rid of the ball fast enough. With such nerves, how could I remember what I said that day? Because my now-fiance tells me that statement was the reason he kept talking to me from then on...  mostly because of his disdain for the Giants, but also because of intrigue that I used that as my fun-fact. 
After a year of friendship, I finally realized I had feelings for this kid who had been my buddy all through freshmen year. My roommate, Katie, ratted me out eventually and so Howie, who already had some interest, and I started the awkward transition from buddies to boyfriend/girlfriend. We had our ups and our downs. We studied abroad in separate countries, we lived in different cities, we were interested in different professions, we had different groups of friends. We grew into ourselves and learned from eachother. Our best qualities rubbed off, and we started breaking down the worst qualities. Some days we were vinegar and oil, other days we were two peas in a pod. Our bond was unconditional.

December 20, 2010 - The engagement

We had been living together at that point for 6 months, I was halfway through my didactic year of PA school; he was working in the city. It was Christmas time, and therefore there is a cheesy proposal story that comes along with our engagement. Unfortunately, Howard would murder me if I shared it, so we'll save walking that tight-rope for another day. The point is, this was the day my life as Howard & Jessica really became Howard & Jessica. 

Since my engagement, part of me has been a bit upside down. I have no experience with even attending weddings and few close contacts to draw information from about how to plan a wedding. If you know me, you know my mother and I often don't see eye to eye, which can be straining. I also have a tendency for neurotic tantrums (often dealt with by Howie) in times of great stress. Essentially, the "getting engaged" part was easy, its the "after" that is the mysterious, challenging, and exciting.

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