Sunday, October 7, 2012


I grew up watching the Giants with my dad and grandfather, but never stretched out to following teams in other divisions. I knew the Giants and I knew to hate their rivals, the Cowboys and the Eagles (sorry Redskins, but no one was ever that worried about you until RG3 showed up this year). Last year I learned a lot more about teams and players who I had previously never heard due to my initiation into Fantasy Football, despite being a "football" fan for years.

My rookie year didn't go so hot, but it didn't go so poorly either, since I was fortunate enough in 2011 to be allowed to continue this season in Howie's league. Fantasy has completely changed my Sundays and Monday nights. Instead of watching and caring for only the Giants, I now worry throughout the day about my  10 starters and whether I should have switched anyone with my 7 bench players... none of which are Giant's team members this year. So that's 18 "parties" I'm keeping track of, some of which might be playing each other.

Today I'm sitting here (with my Hopfen Weiss) hoping for New England's offense to rock it, though I despise the Patriots (an unofficial rival due to my previous residence in CT). Tonight I'll be praying for Drew Brees to throw touchdown after touchdown, and at the same time hoping for the opposing offense to have huge success with their running back. Seattle and Atlanta are teams I've never watched before this year, and now I keep tabs on their games each week. I now understand the conversations I used to scoff at between Howie and my brother regarding their various fantasy teams and who was doing what.

This year my team has gotten off to a rocky start, losing my first three games despite the projected high quality of my starting lineup. My heart strings are constantly pulled based on the efforts of my players . Hopefully I'll make it to the playoffs this year, but the success of my Sundays will no longer be determined based on the Giant's success. 

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