Saturday, June 15, 2013

An Adventure

This is a personal shout out post in honor of my PA school besties (holla at a dolla honey boo boos!).

We've been fortunate enough to be able to take time to go on mini-vacays (mini-vacations) and local outings in between our studies and now in between our work schedules. All have ended successfully, but let me tell you - they were not always smooth sailing, complicated often by rain, cranky non-morning people, missed transportation, or other series of unfortunate events. Let me take you on an adventure with a little creative writing of our most recent get-away:
With the rolling in of early spring, we were absolutely tired. Tired of winter, tired of work, tired of the monotony that our lives had recently transformed into. It was time. After the success of our last mini-vacay to Florida, we were ready to embark once again. While sitting on the couch at an impromptu and very rare evening get together, Misterious and myself were chatting.

"I'm tired of work, I need a beach," I said.
"I know, we need to go on a vacation," Misterious replied.
"Well lets do it, when can we go? How about June? We don't have our schedules, we can request off now."

With that, Talulah meandered in "What's that?"
"We are going on a mini-vacay, wanna come?" I asserted.
"We are? Where are we going?" Talulah questioned hesitantly.
"Anywhere, lets just go, why not?"

And so the planning commenced. We were each a bit nervous at first if we should all commit to the request, and it took some convincing to get Mr. Napkin Head to agree to take time off, but finally we picked the dates: a Monday-Wednesday in early-mid June. We had the destination, we had our bathing suits, we had the booze (what we didn't have was a promising weather forecast). That Sunday night we settled departure times. Monday morning we woke to a dreary clouded sky with sprinkles of rain in the air. Last minute errands were accomplished and Mist texted me to let me know they were on the way to pick me up. I was in my usual state of last minute rushing trying to play musical dufflebags so all of my belongings, snacks, and sun lotion would fit.

The phone starts ringing, which is also usual when I'm rushing. It's Talulah. "Heyyy..." I answer in my what's up voice. "Soooo... I don't know about making the 12:15 ferry....", "Uhh... why?", "We just got in an accident..." Talulah proceeds to explain to me that no one was hurt (thankfully), but that the guy who hit them is crazy and it might be a while.

1 hour later via text "how you guys doing?", "waiting for the police", "they haven't arrived yet? what's with these bronx po po"

2 hours later via text "po po show up?", "nope, not yet", "what?! that's crazy!", "we just called 911 again"

3 hours later the phone rings. It's Talulah. "Soooo... we just got back to the apartment and are switching cars now, so we should be there in a half hour." Finally we were on our way again headed towards our mini vacay. After a stop for coffee, cash (real cash, no checks), and a run back to the house for a wine bottle opener we hit the highway. After our drive over the bridge and through the woods we made it to Bayshore. We grabbed a quick snack and found the ferry boats - the only visible ferry boats from the parking lot, mind you. It was rush-rush as usual since we had exactly enough time to buy our tickets and hop on the boat before it departed.

After twenty or so minutes of mouthing sentences to each other on the very loud ferry boat we landed at stop 1 and then shimmied over to stop 2 where we departed into the light drizzle. We walked about 30 steps and called the hotel to find out where to go.

(Side note, this is my personal interpretation of the phone conversation that took place since it was not I who was on the phone):
"You're where?!?" The receptionist exclaimed.
"Uh... Ocean Bay Park? Right?" We nodded in agreement.
"Ocean Bay Park, you girls took the wrong ferry!" I hope you are inserting the Long Island accent when this receptionist is speaking... it really makes the translation better.
"Well, I mean, I guess you have to either walk here or you can take the ferry back to Bay Shore and come back on the other ferry."
"Well, how far is it?"
"A mile."
"Then it seems like it makes more sense to just walk, I guess."
"Alright well just keep walking for a mile towards the water tower and you will find Ocean Beach." We looked around, and alas, no water tower insight. But fortunately we were right next to a bar so Misterious peeked her head in, asked for directions and we embarked on our mile long journey, each with multiple heavy bags, plus groceries in our hands.

As we began hobbling along, our faces sunk. Ten yards away was a puddle the size of a small pond blocking our walkway. We hesitantly glided through the cool water as frowns of concern traversed our faces. What were we walking through? What were we gonna do? We forged forward calculating when our last tetanus shots were through alternating dry and puddled walkways. Some puddles were as deep as our ankles, others we could hop around on the outskirts of the walk. On two occasions we were greeted by extremely friendly deer. The first attempted to follow us until we reached a puddled, the second darted at our bags and sniffed them before trotting off.

With Talulah on the google maps navigator we made it, "The blue ball says we are at Ocean Beach, now what?" We couldn't see anything obvious to walk towards so we called our receptionist friend once again.
"You're where?!"
"Cottage," the name of the walkway we were on.
"Oohhkay, Just turn this way, walk to town, go right, then right, then I'll be looking for you." So we walked to town, and the rains came down. Our clothes began turning see through, our bags became heavier, and I felt as though I needed windshield wipers for my eyes. We got to town and traversed the puddles with Mr. Napkin Head on the phone with the receptionist until we finally made it.

With a great huff she said, "Aww, look at you, the lost girls, let me get you some towels. I guess you've never been to Fire Island before." We weren't quite sure if she thought we were complete idiots or if she genuinely felt for us, but the towels were warm and we were aching from our bags so we went with it. Our journey wasn't quite over, though. We had a two block walk to our apartment through yet more puddles before finally being able to change into dry clothes and lay our our belongings to dry. Once we accomplished that, you can guess what a group of four sensible women like ourselves did - made good use of that bottle opener.

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