Saturday, December 1, 2012

Daymares and Nightdreams

So I guess a few of you have probably been wondering whats the deal. I said I'd be back to normal, but alas, I spoke too soon. I apologize for the lack of content it seems I've needed a kick in the pants to get it together. This fall has been a bit of an odd time for me... I've never had nothing to do for so long that the lack of scheduled activities has turned me into quite the couch potato. Sadly, I've been overindulging in social media (still addicted to twitter), catching up on all my fave junk TV, and mostly twiddling my thumbs.

My boredom had gotten so bad, that not only had I become a blob, I started having very vivid and strange dreams. Most of them were not so bothersome for me to remember exactly what the content was, but towards the end of October I started having this one dream repeat itself. The first one was the most shocking, very vivid. A couple days later a very similar, but my more subdued version filled my unconscious REM stage, and the following week the "product" of this dream came back to haunt me for a third time.

What was this disturbing and eerie dream, you ask? Going through labor and having a baby! For those of you who know me, you know I love babies, and I am excited to one day have one after I am married to my buddy. However, despite my "baby fever", I am in no way ready for one right now. So, as you can imagine, this was quite freaky. What do you think I did about it? To GOOGLE!!

While sitting with a group of my girlies and discussing my persistent dream-fetus, we went on a search for dream meanings. You can all relax, the meaning of the dream is not that I am pregnant. We'll hold on to that surprise for a future date and time. The meaning of the dream is actually related to creativity.

The Huffington Post interviewed a dream analyst on the subject who stated that "At its core, this dream is about creativity. Women literally create new life out of their bodies. If you dream of being pregnant, you are likely craving time to be creative, or 'dreaming up' a new and exciting creative project that will come into existence down the line. This could be as small as a home-based renovation project or a large-scale artistic work." My search did not stop there, however. Being educated in a research mindset, one source is simply not enough. Fortunately, link after link revealed roughly the same idea. Dreams of being pregnant or giving birth usually correlate to a developing idea, a new creative project, or an emotional time of growth. 

Yay for not being pregnant! And yay for realizing my boredom was the likely culprit of these dreams/nightmares. Moral of the story, if you are having pregnancy dreams... you can relax! You may be bored out of your mind and looking for creative inspiration, or you may be starting on a new endeavor and your unconscious psyche likes to play with your mind while you sleep. Despite the benign nature of these dreams, you can bet I promptly gave myself some projects to keep them away. 

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