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Getting married? Need help? I know I did! This page is a compliment to the posts under the "Getting Married" label that I wrote over the 15 months prior to my wedding. If you have already been through this and have tidbits to share, please let me know!!

My Top Suggestions: 
1. Start early! - The earlier the better. By the time I get married, I will have been engaged for 2.5 years... We took the first 8 months to enjoy being engaged and have so far been able to spread everything out and focus on one thing at a time. This has made the process relatively stress free and hopefully it stays that way!

2. Try to be clear about budget and financial expectations as early as possible! New things that you didn't think of will always come up! Try your best not to wing it with who's got what even though it can get awkward! Budgets will be awkward regardless of whethere you tip-toe around it or throw it into the open!

3. Balance. I wish I could give you the secret to balancing your wants with making your families happy. Good luck. If you find the answer, please clue me in.

4. Communicate! Sit down and have "meetings" with the other people involved in your wedding planning to make sure you are all on the same page and have clear objectives.

5. Breathe. Often.

Useful links:

The Knot - This is the motherload of planning websites. You can create an account with your expected wedding date, meticulously plan your budget, search for vendors by location/type/price/etc, keep track of your progress, and so on...

Wedding Wire - The other motherload of planning websites. Extremely similar to as far as content type; however, I personally found the search selections to be more plentiful and the reviews to be more comprehensive.

Bridal Association Statistics - This gives you an idea of the average costs for an average wedding in the United States. It especially helps with overall budget considerations and if you are working on each piece of your wedding separate (i.e. renting a hall, booking a caterer, and using a bakery vs. renting a place that offers a complete package).

Cost Helper - Please bookmark this now, because it will come in handy for many things, not just wedding planning. You can look up the average cost of almost anything using this handy website.

Our Vendor Recommendations:

For those of you planning around the greater Philadelphia Area, here are the vendors we used with links to their pages. We highly recommend each of them: 

Photographer: Tyler Boye Photography, Studio Shooters Andy & Simon

DJ: Joe Grill Music, DJ Jo Blo

If you have questions, please feel free to leave it in a comment! 

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