PAs, Health, and Medicine

About PAs... 
PAs (Physician Assistants) are part of a class of medical professionals call "mid-level providers." Along with Nurse Practitioners (NPs), we provide medical care in almost every setting, which includes patient care, diagnosis, and treatment. We are a fast growing profession and we love what we do.

Want to learn more? Here are some fabulous links:
The AAPA - The American Academy of Physician Assistants
PAEA - Physician Assistant Education Association

Already planning to join the PA world? Here are some more links: 
NCCPA - National Commision on Certification for Physician Assistants
PASO - PA Shadow Online - A way to get connected to current PAs to shadow and gain experience
Help for Future PAs - A classmate's excellent blog designed especially for those in school or preparing for their career
Indeed - A great place to job hunt

Links to Medicine...
The Task Force Guidelines - The guidelines for screening and prevention
Risk Assessment Calculator - your risk of having a heart attack in the next 10 years
A Country Doctor Writes - A blog written by an older physician that includes tips, news, and patient stories

Links to Health...
Nutrition Data - Type in any food, vegetable, or fruit to get nutrition facts

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